High-end Pleausre Products

Luxury Pleasure Products Two blogs in one day! Damn right! After writing the first blog about the $1 million dollar dildo, the Royal Pearl, I came across some beautiful pleasure products that were made by other well-known jewelry artists. Browing through the Fornicari site, I kept coming across pleasure products that left my hand itching to grasp and had me throbbing below. Below will be … Continue reading High-end Pleausre Products

$1 Million Dildo: Entry to Orgasms Navarnia?

  Hello, Hello, Hello!! Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! Let me just slide into this blog real quick to talk about this $1 million dildo… Yes, you read that right boo! The dildo costs $1 million  Now before you rush to brush me off, let’s talk about this dildo real quick. Trust me, there is a method behind the madness. The mastermind Colin … Continue reading $1 Million Dildo: Entry to Orgasms Navarnia?