I mean, do we really need an orgasm everytime?!

  See that expression right above. That’s the looks I feel you’re about to give me when you read that question. I feel like you’re looking at the screen and saying “You damn right it’s needed”. But, is that the goal end of being intimate with your partner(s) or providing pleasure to yourself? Is that the only thing that should be mandatory while enjoying pleasure … Continue reading I mean, do we really need an orgasm everytime?!

High-end Pleausre Products

Luxury Pleasure Products Two blogs in one day! Damn right! After writing the first blog about the $1 million dollar dildo, the Royal Pearl, I came across some beautiful pleasure products that were made by other well-known jewelry artists. Browing through the Fornicari site, I kept coming across pleasure products that left my hand itching to grasp and had me throbbing below. Below will be … Continue reading High-end Pleausre Products

$1 Million Dildo: Entry to Orgasms Navarnia?

  Hello, Hello, Hello!! Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! Let me just slide into this blog real quick to talk about this $1 million dildo… Yes, you read that right boo! The dildo costs $1 millionĀ  Now before you rush to brush me off, let’s talk about this dildo real quick. Trust me, there is a method behind the madness. The mastermind Colin … Continue reading $1 Million Dildo: Entry to Orgasms Navarnia?