Diversity of Strap On Sex

Back for another blog post like we never left! Okay, so the other day I was sitting, pondering over two blog posts to write which were: diversity of strap-on sex or sexual confidence. Well, as you can see, this blog post is what the people wanted to see the most so you got it, cutie!... Continue Reading →


The Flower of Knowledge

While working on another blog, had to slide through with the blog real quick just to talk.  If you noticed, I have a certain cute flower symbol that is part of myself and what I represent. Think of your favorite cartoon (mine would be Rugrats) and something that you can almost always associate with this... Continue Reading →

Respecting Sex Workers

It's easy to laugh, mock, and disregard sex workers for some individuals in society. It's easier for them to do it if they have a job or career deemed as respectable in society (i.e. doctors, physicians, or 9-5). It's much easier for them to state, "Why not work at McDonalds" without putting themselves in other's... Continue Reading →

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