Palm Swings

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Well, hello, hello, hello! I hope everyone has been doing great and keeping yourselves fully taken care of in every aspect of life. Now that we have gotten the “how do you do” formalities in order, let’s dive into this blog for today.

I want to focus on a movie I watched a couple months ago while browsing on Hulu which is surprisingly still available under the Showtime section. So, after this review, if you feel that urge to head to Hulu and enjoy it, I would strongly advise you do so. The movie as you can see from the blue’s clues title is called Palm Swings. Yes, Palm Swings. I initially watched this movie because of the vague description. It simply states, “A young married couple discovers their neighbors are swingers” and that is all. Nothing more and definitionally all that could be presented with that one little sentence. So in my mind, I figured, hey, what the hell!? There wasn’t anything else I wanted to mindlessly watch and half listen to so that movie was the lucky winner of the night. And to be completely honest, I presumed this movie was going to be full of sex scenes, minimal storylines or talking for that matter, and all focused on sex. Can I say now that I take back that thought?! I was completely wrong in every sense regarding this movie.

Palm Swings, 2017

First, the movie started off decently. It didn’t jump into the premise of the movie, it didn’t start off with any sex scenes, and importantly, it didn’t start off cheesy. Instead, it dealt with real ass problems of a new couple moving into a new neighborhood. The husband is settled within his career and his wife does photography. So, this is awesome because they are just your regular couple. They are not all out there or have a stereotypical image. Seeing this alone pipped my interest into watching the whole thing. Now, usually with the threesomes and the swingers concept, it almost always the male counterpart who initiates the thought or tries to get the girlfriend/wife into doing it. However, this movie reversed those shameful gender roles and allowed us to see within the first minute the wife became interested in key aspects of the swinger lifestyle. In addition, it added a bit of philosophy that just had me throw in the towel and say “okay, you have my attention now dammit!”. The couple name is Mark and Allison. It’s best I go ahead and give their names to prevent anyone from getting confused about other couples involved. 

As mentioned, the wife (Allison) was a photographer who enjoyed taking pictures. So much so, she took pictures of her neighbors having sex which allowed her to see they were swingers. I got the vibe that she enjoyed seeing others have sex (nothing wrong with having a healthy, consensual fetish) and it really set the mood for the rest of the movie. In addition, she felt she wasn’t going to blend in with the neighbors and their new location. She had difficulty landing a photography job and the fear of not blending in set her emotional state. But nevermind that, I want you to see the movie for yourself. Let’s focus on why I enjoyed this movie and the message that was plastered right in front of my face. The way they were introduced into the swinger lifestyle happened when the neighbors and Mark and Allison were enjoying some of that liquor courage at a bar one night. The women talk together (who also sort of were flirting and doing a little bit of touchy-feely before this meeting) and the husbands did so as well. Now, the husband told the Mark it’s okay if there were to play around or if he even wanted to have sex with his wife. Mark thought it was a test at first. I mean, who the hell wouldn’t?! When they went back to the house of love as I like to call it, the wife felt she couldn’t do it herself but instead, she wanted to watch her husband and the next door neighbor while taking pictures. At first, I was hesitant. I thought she was going to become jealous, angry, or totally flip the script. But she didn’t do any of that at all. Now, I know what you’re thinking, this couple introduced them to this lifestyle while not explaining how they manage to do it. Well, that’s why I loved this movie. This wasn’t the typical all about sex movie. The couple actually explained they have their own rules as to respect each other and to not hurt each other. Nothing is kept a secret as one partner know what the other partner is doing, who the other partner is with, and overall being an open book to each other. If something makes one uncomfortable, they communicate about it. In the end, the couple explained they were able to do this for so long because of communication, trust, and explaining how each of them feels but more importantly, understanding what they love about their partner and still spending quality time with their partner more than anything else. The new couple didn’t fully understand this, which is understandable. It’s new.

Now, Allison began to no longer sleep with Mark. She was not coming home as previously while the husband was still preparing events for them, cooking for them, etc. She was sleeping with another couple and instead of sleeping with both partners, she was only interested in the male. She began to not only have sexual encounters with husband from a new couple but developed romantic feelings and a sense of only wanting to romantically and sexually deal with him. The problem arrived at 100 mph because her own husband didn’t know any of it. Mark was being lied to believing she was just working with the other couple and not knowing it was more than that because there was a lack of honesty and communication. Unforuntually, while at another swingers event and watching his wife have sex with the other woman husband, he felt he couldn’t do it. Of course, the wife of the husband asked what’s wrong. She felt they haven’t spent as much time together compared to his wife and her husband. This is when Mark realizes his wife has been cheating (which it could be considered cheating since he has no clue about this) and felt betrayed because he understands what’s been happening before his eyes. The reason this moved from swinging together to cheating was due to the fact they both agreed to no longer have a swinger lifestyle.  Now, in the end, Allison realized just how much she does adore her husband and understood the importance of spending three times as much quality time with her husband and not with other couples. As the neighbor stated, they had their fun but always went back home to their partner and spend more time together.

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I felt this movie was something interesting to ponder over because it wasn’t just a movie about sex, swingers, or the stereotypical thoughts. Instead, it further dived into the pool of the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with anything in life. I appreciate this movie because it allows couples/individuals interested in swinger lifestyle to understand the importance of bonding, trust, communication, and understanding what comes in the package of it. It wasn’t shaming this lifestyle as many judgemental people tend to do in life but allowed an individual to gain insightful exposure to the importance of an understanding of tending to your partner while being in this particular lifestyle. I would highly recommend this movie to be watched for entertainment purposes and just being able to see a movie with a different perspective from stereotypical roles that apply to specific sexual lifestyles. As mentioned, this movie can be found on Hulu under the Showtime subscription. 



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