Sex tapes are normal. So why the hell is it such a debate and shameful topic in today’s gossip sites?


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The Shade Room, Gossip in the City, Baller Alert … all of these blog sites make it a habit to post someone’s personal sex tapes or pictures, especially when a person leaks it for monetary value or attention. It’s like, leaking a celebrity or even another person sex tape is the fuel to a person’s life. It’s that fire that continues to build them up while everyone else is tearing down consenting adults (more so consenting women) for wanting to record their own sex tapes or pictures. But why? Sex is normal. What happens when we are pleasing ourselves and those we are with is completely normal. So why is it such a big deal when someone’s personal tape or pictures are leaked? Why do the majority of those on social media (especially The Shade Room comments) go completely nuts and nitpick a person’s character and life apart by going to their comments or on the blog sites comments simply for something they decided to do?

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Sex tapes are normal. There isn’t anything to be ashamed of because it is a common knowledge we all enjoy pleasure and sex. There are things that turn us on and to be shamed for it is not only immature but demonstrates the lack of acceptance in society over an action that is normal. Over something, they are probably doing just as much as the next person. To demolish a person’s character and life simply for what they enjoy with their partner(s) instead of actually acknowledging the shitty character the person who leaked it is completely backward in every sense of the way. I watch the comments of those people tear down women in the spotlight for consensual sex and recordings with their boyfriends instead of tearing down the person who leaked it or stole it. I watch them actually blame the people who are doing something that brings them pleasure and slut-shame them, but not belittle the person or the bloggers who felt compelled to leak it. Plenty will say “Why record it” or “You should’ve never recorded it”, but why not? It’s oh so sexy watching your own tape with your partner(s) and being turned on again. It’s exciting to see how both of your bodies and sexy sounds you’re making make on beautiful harmony. Watching how you mesh so well with the other person’s body. Why would it be wrong to record yourself? It’s the same as saying it would be wrong or “stupid” to record any other memory you may want to keep, regardless of what that memory may be.

Society shouldn’t shame a person for their personal recordings being leaked or even shame a person for wanting to leak their own videos/photos. I am not into shaming some for the consensual actions (and consent from both parts) simply because society finds it taboo but for some odd reason, they are always attracted to it like a moth to a flame. It’s always the attraction to something that may be sexual but it’s followed by negativity instead of acceptance, positivity, and knowledge being spread. As mentioned, instead of shaming the ones who have had their personal moments leaked, why do people simply brush the crumbs under the rug of the person who does it? Of the people who try to pay for that information just to be the first to have the “exclusive” or doing it for revenge. Let’s change that. Let’s spread more awareness into consent, into sex positivity, into acceptance that sex and pleasure is a natural part of our lives. It’s part of human nature and what makes us all unique in our own way. Making tapes or pictures with or for your partner shouldn’t be a shameful act. It’s a moment that is exciting, pleasurable, exhilarating, and fun and shouldn’t be used as a way to tear down anyone for any reason. We need to change the thoughts about sex overall for the better, not for worst.


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