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Luxury Pleasure Products

Two blogs in one day! Damn right! After writing the first blog about the $1 million dollar dildo, the Royal Pearl, I came across some beautiful pleasure products that were made by other well-known jewelry artists. Browing through the Fornicari site, I kept coming across pleasure products that left my hand itching to grasp and had me throbbing below. Below will be a couple of the eye-catching ones. 

Shiri Zinn: A feminine limited edition piece that is as beautiful and playful as the lady lucky enough to add this to their erotic collection. The solid pink glass dildo with Swarovski crystals and a vintage fur tail is a fun and sexy number, which is already a favorite of many celebrities! $1,586.00 GBP
Betony Vernon: The String of Pearls Massage Ring is a Paradise Found favorite. Worn day to night, it is the perfect item to transition office attire to cocktail party chic. $3,767.00 GBP
Betony Vernon: Just like erotic tickling, feathers never go out of fashion so there is no need to be concerned about how the Ostrich Feather Tickler will figure in your wardrobe or pleasure chest over time.
The extra long premium quality Ostrich Feathers are carefully chosen to ensure a lifetime of sweet sensations. $1,853.00 GBP
Velv’Or: Thought to be the most exclusive cock ring in the world, the King JCobra, designed by Jelle Plantenga, is crafted with amazing detail. Using the powerful image of one of the most dangerous and fearful snakes, there is no denying the strength and beauty of this magical creation. $138,000.00 GBP
Betony Vernon: The ancient Chinese tools that inspired this Paradise Found design are known as Ben Wa balls. Traditionally, Ben-Wa balls serve to provide sensations of vaginal fullness and depth.
They also serve to reinforce the health and pleasure enhancing benefits of Kegel exercises. $22,900.00 GBP
Shiri Zinn: This double-ended blue and black glass beauty, with a double band stone set, is a limited edition with only 100 made.  Part of Shiri Zinn’s Limited Edition Couture Collection, the award-winning Darlington crystal glass dildo has exhibited in a number of international galleries, including The Museum of Sex, 5th Avenue, NY and is published in a number of design books; some of which are housed at London’s Tate Modern Bookstore. $1,465.00 GBP
Betony Vernon: These precious little clamps represent the embrace of a stylised couple. They are designed to clamp the base of the nipples as well as other highly sensitive areas of the body: the scrotum, the outer lips of the vulva or the shaft of your lover’s penis. $517.00 GBP
Shiri Zinn: A limited edition, handcrafted black glass dildo, featuring a white lightening bolt stripe atop a sterling silver base, which is adorned with a single Swarovski crystal beneath the base. $1,460.00 GBP
Shiri Zinn: This enchanting flail whip is an exclusive, one-off collectors item, which has been showcased in museums across the world. Not only functional, but a piece of art adorned with Swarovski crystals. $2,950.00 GBP

These were just a few of the eye-catching items that I HAD to post. Honestly, it’s so fulfilling seeing various pleasure products and seeing creatives being able to bring it to life and just allowing the individual to have so many unique ways to enjoy themselves and their pleasure. 


Copyright to Fornicari and the artists featured



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