I mean, do we really need an orgasm everytime?!


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See that expression right above. That’s the looks I feel you’re about to give me when you read that question. I feel like you’re looking at the screen and saying “You damn right it’s needed”. But, is that the goal end of being intimate with your partner(s) or providing pleasure to yourself? Is that the only thing that should be mandatory while enjoying pleasure whether alone or with others? Let’s take a walk down this path and figure it out together. We may have the ability to look at this perspective and thought different. 

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I pose this question since there is a vast amount of answers and various perspectives. For some, the answer will be yes. While others the answer will be no.

So let me give you my perspective and a backstory. Before I indulged in understanding our bodies, our pleasure, and overall a healthy sexual lifestyle, I believed the answer was yes! I believed if you didn’t orgasm, then the sex was wack and you might as well go back to the drawing board. However, better understanding bodies and pleasure, I continue to break the imprint society (especially porn) has tried to force upon my mind.

Now, look at the two pictures I’ve included. You can see the sun beaming down with a nice cool drink on the side. Imagine wanting to go outside just to enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin, ice cold water providing a thirst quenching feel, and the wind blowing ever so slightly. You only want to go outside because you enjoy how it feels. You aren’t going outside to leave your home or do a chore. You simply enjoy the pleasure of how outside feel and you aren’t looking for anything in return. This is where I will say no to the question posed above. You can enjoy intimacy strictly for the pleasure. Strictly because of how it makes you feel without looking for an end result, which some believe is an orgasm. I personally believe being intimate shouldn’t have an end result of an orgasm. Instead, look at a different way. It can be viewed as enjoying the pleasure it provides for yourself or your partner(s).

Finally, I know there’s an impounding thought process beaten into your mental thought that if you do not orgasm everytime you are being intimate and enjoying pleasure, something’s wrong with you. Something’s wrong with your body and you HAVE to take it to the Sex Fix Shop to get it right. It’s almost like saying your body is a car and it has to operate just like every other car. If not, take it to the junkyard. I hate that thought process and cannot stand that mentality pushed upon an individual. There’s no rule to say you are mandatory to orgasm whenever being pleasured. Enjoy pleasure for what it is, pleasure and the euphoria that is created as a beautiful mixture. Don’t stress or worry about not always getting that orgasm because it strips away from enjoying sexual intimacy. Don’t allow someone small minded to limit your pleasure or make you feel as if you are getting the “right” form of pleasure. Instead, let’s take away the “end goal” and simply enjoy the pleasure, the learning, the connections/bonds, and just the overall feel we get from intimacy whether alone or with partner(s). Having sexual wellness and a healthy sexual lifestyle begins with reshaping the toxic thoughts and learning more about the sexual realm. One way to begin is with this topic.

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