The place where breaking barriers placed by society through the freedom of education, expression, and acceptance of postive and healthy sexual lifestyle is paramount


Schools never taught us about the full scope of sex. We were taught the basic body parts without diving deeper into things needed for us to have a positive understanding of sexuality and body acceptance. Many grow up not understanding their own sexual lifestyle, feeling shamed about sex or the body, and not being able to have the further understanding of sexual knowledge and wellness.

Instead, I want to tackle the topics that society shuns away from. I want to make you feel comfortable with your sexuality, your body, and exploring the sexual realm. Move away from what society places upon us when it concerns sex and sexuality. We shouldn’t feel afraid to explore, to learn, and to understand when it concerns sex. This is the place for it. I’m learning just as you are learning. Sex isn’t something you learn one day and do not have to learn ever again. No! Not at all. Sex is a lesson that continues to evolve as you live your life. Every day, there is something we could teach each other to make our sexual lifestyle better and learn more about ourselves.



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