The Dodils – The dildo YOU design

In the wee mornings, I threw in a poll for our community on Instagram regarding something specific. This poll involved whether you ever bought a product that you just wanted to design yourself. A product that your hands can twist, turn, mold, into a design made specifically for your body. Have to say, you aren’t alone on this one! With that being said, let’s talk … Continue reading The Dodils – The dildo YOU design

Deepfakes – The Catfish of Porn

Featured image: Motherboard: Samantha Cole Where’s Max and Nev when you need them?!   All I can do is shake my head like Smoky once I dived into the world of deepfakes. This is the new form of catfish, except it has entangled itself into the porn realm. It’s quite comical that this topic is even being discussed as I remember reading the goddess Erika … Continue reading Deepfakes – The Catfish of Porn

The Flower of Knowledge

While working on another blog, had to slide through with the blog real quick just to talk.  If you noticed, I have a certain cute flower symbol that is part of myself and what I represent. Think of your favorite cartoon (mine would be Rugrats) and something that you can almost always associate with this cartoon (which would be Reptar). Why is that symbol important? … Continue reading The Flower of Knowledge

Flowers? Strawberries? Pineapples?

Featured Photo Credit: Stephanie Sharley   Everyday you can encounter a meme or even someone you know saying they’re going to eat pineapples so they can taste sweet by the end of the night. Let’s not forget the ones who try to gulp down a whole can to eliminate any smell so they can taste and smell exactly like fruit. We’re not going to get … Continue reading Flowers? Strawberries? Pineapples?